Event enrichment

Are you planning an event that needs a special touch? We got you covered. With our expertise in organizing events and our commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences, we also support and collaborate with major events like NBA Hennessy, Adidas summer Jam, Sneakerness, Durea, and FIBA 3×3 World Tour to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors. Discover the possibilities and let our arcade shooting – & clawmachine, 5 meter high basketball bouncy castle, Slush & cotton candy machine and professional 3×3 basketball setup take your event to new heights.

Collaborating with like-minded partners to elevate the experience and make a lasting impact by providing tailor-made services and interactions



Bring your event to life on our professional 3×3 Basketball court. We create a hype around the court and involve every passer-by or visitor to let them experience the action and excitement for themselves. From a dunk contest, challenges, shows and workshops, we create and take care of it all to keep the energy high at your event. We provide passion and entertainment on the field, how can we make your (basketball) dream come true?!


Of course we can customize the basketball court with your own logo!



Who hasn’t dreamed of an arcade machine in his/her room in the past? Fun and competition are brought out in everyone, to beat the top score and win unique prizes and test your skills. Endless fun and challenge for young and old. Can you beat the high score?!

To make the arcade machine completely integrated into the event, it is possible to brand the sides with your logos and/or slogans.



Grab your chance and try to get a Special Ball or another gadget with our mega grab arm. Slightly smaller prizes? Then we simply place a smaller gripping arm on our “claw machine” with integrated LED lights. The long queue can enjoy the relevant brand expressions (videos and photos including music) on the integrated 21-inch screen. This is a real contender for everyone! 


Have you ever seen a 5×5 meter basketball?! Now is your chance to unleash your inner child and enjoy bouncing like a basketball for hours on our SUPER BOUNCER. There is a basketball court on the jumping floor and there is even an inflatable basket on the inside (260cm high) for dunking or playing 1 VS 1. Everything is possible with our SUPER BOUCNER and one thing is certain; you’ll leave with a day full of new memories.



Would you like to have fun and unique photos, GIFs and videos captured by and for your visitors? Then you have come to the right place with our selfie booth to immediately capture the unique and fun moments of your visitors and have them shared by email. This way they have a lifelong memory of your event. You can also bring your brand expressions to the attention of the long queue of people through photo and video. If you do not have a suitable background, we have our sporty and colorful BALL WALL, where we can supply matching balls for the interaction in the photo.